Behind the barrel blog

The whisky industry is constantly evolving, and with so many long-standing traditions, there is always something to discuss.

We are proud to introduce our new blog that we have named Behind the Barrel. This blog is an outlet for us to talk about emerging consumer trends, the status of our whisky batches, and ways to discuss how we plan to disrupt this history-steeped industry.

Factoid: Whisky (or Whiskey) is primarily made in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, India, Japan and the United States. The word “whisky” comes from the Gaelic word “uisge” which means “water”.

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edinburgh castle bucket list trip

Bucket List Scotland Tour

If you’ve been, you know. If you haven’t, this post is for you. The first time I landed in Edinburgh, it was a late afternoon …

Barrel for whisky storage

Pssst… Wanna Buy a Barrel of Whisky?

Cask ownership is the new black or whatever. It’s everywhere now, buy a cask of whisky; it’s an excellent investment. And it’s true, but let’s …

Modern Whisky Tasting

Modern Whisky’s First Tasting

Modern Whisky began quietly, not surprisingly over drams shared by friends. Being less than sober in the moment, I hazily recall the idea being solidified …

Whisky or Whiskey? What is the difference?

Those not intimately involved in the whisky world may not have even noticed that whisky is spelled differently. It is all about the country of …

The Whisky Industry During COVID

As we well know, the whisky industry had seen a decline over the past thirty years up until the last two years. Whisky did not …