The whisky industry is steeped in tradition and monopolized by a handful of heritage brands that not only control the commodity but also set the cultural context for its consumption. Whisky, as a result, has lost relevance and become socially stale. But all that is changing. New consumer trends are emerging and there is a great thirst (pun intended) for an evolution of the category. The industry is showing early signs of disruption (at the production, financing, and marketing levels) and we intend to capitalize on that opportunity.

Our plan is to work with creative independent distillers, free-thinking investors, and bold industry forerunners to innovate the way whisky is produced, traded, and consumed.


Create a brand that resonates with a younger generation. Growth in the whisky market is projected to come from 24 to 39-year-olds and includes a strong female consumer base.


Create an exclusive community of like-minded whisky enthusiasts to invest in the purchase of undervalued whisky assets.


Conduct trades with retail brands, distillers and other investment groups to achieve solid returns for shareholders.


Create a retail offering that harvests appropriate batches for bottling in key markets, increasing fund value and building brand.

The Simple Act of Maturing the Spirits Will Provide a Stable Returning on Investment.

Wholesale cask purchasing is an attractive investment option as its value is tied primarily to the age of the spirit rather than any particular financial market, making it appealing to investors in any climate – especially the current one.

Yellow Branding Line Whisky

Most importantly, building a brand takes discipline.

Building a Brand Takes Vision. It takes passion, creativity and sweat.

The discipline to never waver from your brand’s DNA and what your message to the world will be. Our identity consists of more than a logo. It’s a design system made up of key elements that create a distinct and unified look, making our brand recognizable.