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Flying Scotsman Whisky Journey

The Flying Scotsman Whisky Journey is a gem in Scotland's crown. As someone with a keen interest in spirits, I've relished the chance to be part of this four-day excursion, which is put together by Belmond's Royal Scotsman. This journey combines the thrill of luxury train travel and whisky tasting in a unique blend. On board the Royal Scotsman, I got to enjoy gourmet meals, join in on traditional ceilidhs, and visit historic distilleries. These experiences gave me a richer understanding of the effort that goes into each whisky. By taking this journey, I was given a membership to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, which gave me access to a special selection of single-cask whiskies. However, this journey offers more than just tangible experiences. There's something magical about it that sparks curiosity and invites you to learn more.

The Scotch Malt Whisky Tour

If you're a fan of malt whisky, then the Scotch Malt Whisky Tour should be on your bucket list. On this tour, you get to ride on the plush Royal Scotsman train, which takes you on an exciting journey through Edinburgh, Dundee, and the heart of Scotland's celebrated whisky regions. But this isn't just a trip, it's a complete immersion into the luxury, heritage, and exquisite malt whisky tastings that Scotland has to offer.

The adventure comes with unique visits to some of the most famous distilleries, where you get to understand the entire whisky-making process, right from grain to glass. As part of the malt whisky club, you'll get to participate in exclusive tastings of single-cask whiskies. These are guided by whisky connoisseurs who help you appreciate the subtle differences in the flavours of these spirits.

The tour doesn't just stop at whisky tasting. You also get to be a part of the elite Scotch Malt Whisky Society, where you can bond with other whisky lovers. As the train meanders through breath-taking landscapes, you're treated to traditional Scottish entertainment and even get to indulge in outdoor activities at the Rothiemurchus Estate, which adds to the richness of your experience.

In short, the Scotch Malt Whisky Tour is more than just sampling whisky. It's a deep dive into the world of malt whisky that ensures an unforgettable trip for any whisky enthusiast.

The Royal Scotsman Experience

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Jumping onto the Royal Scotsman train is like entering a world of sheer elegance, complete with top-tier dining, plush living quarters, and extraordinary whisky experiences. This luxury train service, brought to you by Belmond Royal Scotsman, starts its voyage at the historic Edinburgh Waverley Station, setting you off on an epic adventure you'll never forget.

As your travel on the Royal Scotsman starts, a Whisky Ambassador greets you with a sampling of three whiskies from Tullibardine, hinting at the delightful experiences ahead. Your expedition then takes a deep dive into the Speyside whisky region, marked by a visit to the renowned Tullibardine Distillery.

The train takes a leisurely route through the awe-inspiring sceneries of Cairngorms National Park. It's an incredible view, supplemented with traditional Scottish entertainment like ceilidhs, storytelling, and music, creating a sense of belonging that's hard to find elsewhere.

The Royal Scotsman experience is more than just whisky tasting or onboard luxury. It's about diving head-first into Scotland's vibrant heritage, culture, and stunning natural beauty. It's about feeling the rhythm of Scotland as you traverse its heart, savoring each sip of whisky along the way.

Ultimate Whisky Odyssey

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Welcome aboard the Ultimate Whisky Odyssey. This premium journey on the luxurious Royal Scotsman takes you deep into the heart of Scotland's top whisky distilleries. Get ready for exclusive tastings of rare and aged whiskies – a real treat for any whisky enthusiast. I'm here to help you navigate this exciting experience.

As part of the Odyssey, you'll get the VIP treatment with private tours, revealing the secrets behind Highland single malts. You can also look forward to a relaxed dinner on the train. One of the standout experiences is a trip to Rothiemurchus Estate, a gem in the former Kingdom of Fife.

A highlight for me, and no doubt for you too, is a guided tasting of three Tomatin single malts. An unforgettable sensory delight awaits!

Here's a snapshot of what your Whisky Odyssey looks like:

Day Experience
1 Start from Edinburgh
2 Stop at Glenmorangie
3 Visit Rothiemurchus Estate
4 Check out Islay distilleries
5 Head back to Edinburgh

This journey is all about celebrating our love for whisky and feeling a part of the wonderful world of refined tastes and scents.

Royal Scotsman Luxury Train

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Let's shift our focus to the main event of this voyage – the Royal Scotsman. This isn't just any train, it's a luxurious journey, a destination in itself. With the train cutting a path right through Scotland's heartland, passengers are treated to a visual spectacle of stunning landscapes, adding to the charm of this distinctive trip.

The Royal Scotsman is all about opulence, offering top-tier dining and lodging facilities for an intimate and immersive experience. Onboard, you can look forward to a delectable dinner, masterfully prepared by talented chefs, ensuring each meal is a gastronomic delight. As you relish the flavors of Scotland, the private Strathspey Railway route serves as the perfect background.

The luxury of the journey extends beyond just travel and dining. It includes a trip to the venerable Tomatin Distillery, where you can participate in a guided tasting of three Tomatin single malts – a delight for any whisky lover. But that's not all. Your nights come alive with entertainment from local Scottish artists, offering a glimpse into the region's rich cultural traditions.

Distillery visits are made easy with arranged coach travel. So, get on board, relax, and let the Royal Scotsman guide you on an unparalleled whisky expedition.

Belmond Royal Scotsman Journey

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Setting off on the Belmond Royal Scotsman journey, I am taken away from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh, traversing picturesque landscapes like the Firth of Forth and the historic Forth Railway Bridge. The journey includes memorable visits to Keith and Dundee. On the Royal Scotsman, I am treated to the finest traditional train experiences: a hearty Scottish breakfast and an elegant dinner, all while enjoying delightful afternoon tea rituals.

The Observation Car, a lively center of activity, is the stage for traditional ceilidhs and provides an uninterrupted view of the Scottish countryside. When the train departs Dundee, I am invited to join a tasting session of three exceptional single-cask whiskies, with knowledgeable onboard experts providing guidance.

The Royal Scotsman then sets off for Keith, a town renowned for its historic distilleries. The excitement grows for the exclusive whisky tasting sessions and private tours – these are definitely the highlights of this train journey. After a day of discovery and learning, we are welcomed back with a sumptuous dinner, expertly paired with fine whiskies.

The journey culminates at the Rothiemurchus Estate, where outdoor activities and a tour of the Benromach distillery ensure a satisfying conclusion to the adventure. The Belmond Royal Scotsman journey is not just a trip, it's a gathering of whisky connoisseurs, a shared learning experience steeped in tradition and a passion for Scotland's finest offerings.